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Welcome to another Beautyworks Blog! There’s just too much news coverage online about the ongoing lockdown and Covid, we’re glad you’re here for something lighter and more positive. 

We know that although K-beauty is a booming industry globally, the information out there is often not friendly for non-Korean speaking consumers and we’re often searching the internet for insights. So we’ve made it one of our missions to bring consumers closer to different brands by providing information on them. 

Today, we want to shine the spotlight on 9wishes. You may have seen these beautifully packaged products online but perhaps unsure about purchasing because you weren’t sure about the brand. 

9wishes is relatively new to the skincare industry and the name is derived from the brand’s promise to focus on 9 essential skincare requirements: 

  • Moisture
  • Elasticity 
  • Temperature
  • Ph balance 
  • Cleanliness 
  • Skin layers
  • Pores
  • Immunity
  • Cell penetration

The great thing about the brand is that it doesn’t use any harmful ingredients, it’s gentle on the skin making it perfect for those with sensitive skin and also doesn’t test on animals. 

Let’s take a deeper look at some of their products I opted to test. 

Rice Radiance Cream

This cream is lightweight but nourishing and hydrating. It’s made with 67% Rice bran water (I also love that they use 100% Korean rice supporting domestic produce) and fermented rice bran that delivers hydration. The niacinamide adds to the rice bran for whitening effects which is great for those with dull skin tones (me). Portulaca oleracea extract and licorice extract works to calm skin, repair skin damage and protect the skin. 

It’s not too thick so great as a day cream and after use, it nicely preps the skin for make up. 

Collagen Ampule Eye & Face Cream

I was particularly interested in this product because of the patented amino acid complex. It’s made to reduce wrinkle formation and inflammation as well as promote skin repair. With added adenosine and hydrolyzed collagen it’s the ultimate firming powerhouse. 

We already know that our skin needs to be well hydrated to also remain plump and this product includes shea butter, ceramide and a number of oils (olive, sweet almont, macadamia). 

When applied to the skin it spreads smoothly and is super absorbent but that’s probably because it also includes squalene that penetrates pores and has anti inflammatory properties.

Ultimate Collagen Ampule Serum

Finally, I also tried the Collagen Ampule for the same amino acid complex and also because at 30, all I want is to slow down the damned aging process. You often hear about 10 step Korean skincare routines and wonder why the products are applied in that order. The order skincare is applied is from thinnest to thickest for absorption. 

This ampule is the right texture and thin enough for quick absorption. I’ve used this ampule after layering toner at night, followed by the face and eye cream. I do use retinol three times a week which I know can be harsh if used excessively so this feels like I’m giving a little back to it with some gentle goodness. 

Sometimes you might not want to give in to beautiful packaging just in case that’s all it is. But I can say for 9wishes, it’s worth a shot. I’m generally all about natural home remedies and gentle ingredients. I mean, it’s all the chemicals, preservatives and pollution in the environment that often damages our skin and bodies. So I love that this brand is committed to using natural, gentle ingredients that are effective. I don’t have sensitive skin but I’d particularly recommend this brand to those who want to use all the anti-aging products out there but can’t because they’re too harsh. 

Hope this post has been helpful and brought you a little closer to a brand you may not have known much about previously. 

Get glowing x

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