Cryotherapy And The Dr Jart Cryo Rubber Masks

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I know we’re in the middle of Winter and maybe not the best time to bring up cold temperature therapy but couldn’t wait until Summer to share the science behind the Dr. Jary Cryo Rubber Masks

I use a lot of face masks, and even more during this particular season - it’s just an easy way to bump up the water levels in my skin and adding it to my routine while I work from home gives me a chance to take at least 20 mins in my day for self-care. 

I recently had the chance to review these masks and started to research what cryotherapy was all about. You may have heard about ice baths, cold plunge pools and ice pack massages to relieve pain and increase immunity. All of these are considered cryotherapy, the use of cold temperatures for a range of health benefits. 

Cryotherapy in-clinic facials actually use a machine to apply liquid nitrogen onto the skin, immediately dropping the temperature to brighten skin tone, tighten pores and reduce the signs of ageing. It also helps with inflammation and increases circulation - the same as when you have water retention and use cold massaging tools to reduce swelling. I also discovered that this therapy may help people who have atopic dermatitis, excessive sebum production and acne (whaaaat).

The Dr Jart Cryo Rubber Masks were designed to mimic cryotherapy so you can reap some of these benefits at home. The two-step masks include an ampoule step to start then the kelp extract rubber type mask second. 

I opted to review the moisturising hyaluronic acid one as my skin is already dry and even more during this season T_T

We all know the benefits of hyaluronic acid, attracting moisture to the skin but the ampoule also includes jojoba seed oil (healing properties for skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psorisis), macadamia nut oil (great antioxidant for dry skin as it mimics natural skin oils) and niacinamide (helps hydrate skin and treat hyperpigmentation). 

The rubber type mask is suitable for all skin types and as it’s developed with kept extract it physically boosts moisture retention. Added allantoin and aloe help bring the temperature of your skin down while hydrating. 

Personally I love the texture of the rubber mask and prefer it over cotton sheet masks as it feels like the serum is being wrapped right in. It’s thick so won’t rip but not too dense or heavy that it’ll slip off. Since it’s a two piece mask, it will also fit a range of face shapes. Have to admit I cringed initially with the cooling effect but that passed pretty quickly. 

The result? Definitely a lot more hydrating than a lot of other sheet masks out there so I’d say you’re getting value for money 

I kept mine in the fridge and used it on a Sunday afternoon - had a bit of water retention from cheeky weekend drinks and my hormones (tmi). It helped bring the swelling down (yay). 

There are four types available at Beautyworks, the one for moisturising mentioned, soothing allantoin (use if you have sensitive skin), firming collagen and brightening with vitamin c. 


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    I love this mask too!! Keep the reviews coming please :)

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