Our Top Tips For Dry (Winter) Skin

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Not sure about you but I’m definitely a Summer girl, I love the warm sun blanket and breezy night time walks. However, besides the temperature, I love the Summer because I suffer from dry skin syndrome (not a scientific term) and the Winter completely strips the soul from my skin. 

Now in the middle of Winter, Melbourne mornings are single digit degrees and my electric blanket is currently the most valuable item in my house. If you and I share the same dreadful dry skin, then you’re probably more afraid of cracking lips and dusty skin conditions more than anything else. Every winter is honestly equivalent to the battle of Winterfell (dramatic af) and I’m always looking out for more ways to protect my skin and keep it moisturised over the cooler seasons. So here are some tips from a fellow sufferer: 

  1. First and foremost, exponentially increase your intake of h2o. It sounds silly but this is one of the best and simplest ways to stay hydrated inside out, something you can do easily, and you’ll feel a difference in the first couple of days. Similarly, alcohol and coffee strip your body from retaining water so (if you can, I know it can be tough) try and limit consumption. If you do have a few cheeky glasses, just make sure you’re still on your legs to carry out your night time routine and slather on that night cream.

  2. “I can’t wait to go home and take a long hot shower”… No absolutely not! Limit your time under hot water to prevent having your skin dry out. You also want to keep the temperature of your skin down so using a cooling mask is ideal. 9 Wishes Hydra Ampoule Mask have cooling effects on the skin. Though before bed, I like to use something that cools and hydrates pretty well so my pick would be the Dr Jart Cryo Rubber Mask.

  3. Contrary to popular belief, toner doesn’t actually dry your skin out if used appropriately within a routine. A toner, or what I love to use Normal Nomoe  Anti Dry Intensive Toner, is a great way to balance out your skin tone and help it cool down as well.  

  4. Using just a toner and a night cream isn’t enough unfortunately so I’d also recommend at least a serum and an eye cream in between. In preparation for the worst season of the year, I’m using the 9 Wishes Collagen Ampule Eye & Face Cream and the COSRX Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule. To be honest, I’ve only just started using this serum so I’ll wait to provide a more accurate review but it claims to help your skin look brighter and feel softer which would be an added bonus to hydrated skin. 

  5. Use a thick, nutritious night cream. I’m currently obsessed over the IOPE Super Vital Rich Cream which I’ve been using for the past two winters. It’s not as pricey as a lot of the other department store brands, it’s luxuriously thick, smells amazing and includes ingredients that help fight the signs of ageing while you’re getting in that beauty sleep. On top of all that, it’s gentle. My best friend suffers from pretty bad eczema and often has reactions or breaks out with a lot of products. Her skin is super sensitive and dry but I’ve also gotten her hooked on this cream.

  6. If you’re STILL STRUGGLING (don’t worry I feel you) use an oil. A lot of facial oils out there are often too thick, smell unpleasant and sit awkwardly on top of your routine. However, I use the IOPE Golden Glow oil which is none of the above and absorbs really well. You use it right after toner and let all the nutrients absorb before getting onto your serum. 

  7. Don’t forget about loving your lips too! The Laneige lip mask is like the night cream for your lips, dab some on before you hit the sack and wake up to soft supple lips in the morning. There’s nothing worse than the look of dry cracked lips.

  8. And of course, shamelessly take advantage of sheet masks. Masking once a day is actually a real thing in Korea so there’s no “appropriate” frequency you should adhere to. Sheet masks are one of the best ways to let your skin absorb a great amount of serum in one go. The design of the sheet mask also helps your face have access to a balanced amount across the surface. The JM Solution Water Luminour Avocado Oil Ampoule Mask is our pick this month - a thin sheet with nourishing avocado to keep your skin healthy and stress-free. 

Hopefully these will help you get through the rest of the Winter. I know I complain a lot about this particular season but there are some great things about it too. Noodle soup and crawling up in bed with Netflix (guilt-free) are definitely up there in my favourites. I’ve also been OBSESSED with roasting sweet potatoes in the oven for post-dinner snacks. 

Stay cosy x

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