Editor's top 10 picks for Winter!

So I've been using and testing and experimenting with ALL sorts of products over the past decade or so and here I am with a mid-year review of the top 10 products worth considering. I also want to share my favourite 'empties' blog soon so stay tuned for that too! 

I wanted to put together a list considering all sorts of make up looks, skincare routines and skin types so if there's even a couple in this list that are useful to you, that's a win for me.


  1. Rom&nd Better than Palette

Featured in our latest Rom&nd campaign, the Better than Palette comes in a range of colour combinations including those with and without glittery shades. My favourites would be Rosebud or Mahogany garden combinations, the warm red/brown shades are my everything right now and find it’s actually perfect for day to night looks.

  1. Rom&nd Better Than Shape

Also featured in the campaign, is the contouring palette. Sometimes, simpler is better, with only two colour combinations, the Oat Grain is suitable for makeup with a cool tone and Walnut Grain is suitable for creating makeup in a warm tone.


This long-wearing, sheer powder blush provides up to 10 hours of buildable, natural-looking cheek color for all skin tones. It blends seamlessly with skin and the pure color pigments feel weightless and apply evenly to the skin for a healthy-looking flush of color. I find that I appreciate blush more as I get older. Before, just the foundation or the cushion would be enough and there was a lot of blood circulating and brightness under my skin tone, but now I have to apply some other shade of colour just to add in some dimension. This blush is the perfect addition just for that.

  1. CLIO Kill Black Pen Liner

I have mentioned this one before and will have no shame as I mention it again. It’s such a great product for all those who sign off with winged eyeliner. It’s solid, easy to apply and stays put throughout the day. The tip is super fine but not flimsy so will glide in the direction you guide it without the bristles going everywhere.

  1. Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum

Easy, essential vitamin c addition to any routine and for any skin type. Totally suited for sensitive skin and for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s so popular that it’s won a range of awards in Korea from Olive Young, including 2nd place in 2021 best products.

  1. Moremo Keratin Hair Colour

The rose colour I wanted to achieve in the salon.. cost me $400, bad bleach job and it turned out like that guy in Squid Game. Then I found this for just $25 PLUS keratin protein treatment. The colour is great and doesn’t overly dry out your hair, nor does it smell like you’ve dunked your head in chemicals. Highly recommend!

  1. Espoir Lipstick Nowear Shine

Was anyone into those candy flavoured lip glosses back in the 90’s? Glossy lipwear is still around but we’re a little more grown up now, no candy flavours but better pigmented colours and non-sticky application. Though, we still get the benefits of high shine and plumping effects! The best of both worlds in this beautiful little stick.

  1. Amos Green Tea Scalp Thinning line

The Amos green tea scalp thinning line has been a life saver for me. There was a year or so when I was losing a LOT of hair, it would just fall out in chunks and it felt so thin. It was a truly stressful experience and I used a lot of different products but with my dermatitis and sensitive scalp, it was hard to find a product that worked but also cared for my scalp. This product was the one that checked all the boxes.

  1. Mamonde Rose Water Toner 

One of the products I mentioned in the vegan blog was this toner and when looking at curating this list, I also wanted to consider products that were suited to most skin types. This toner, especially if you’re not committed to one already, is a great way to ease into adding it into your routine. The smell is not overwhelming and it does just the right amount of hydrating and brightening.

  1. Rom&nd Han All Fix Mascara

As with my eyeliner and my particular eye look, I’ve been loyal to my mascara as well but when Rom&nd dropped in store and I used them, was definitely worth being unfaithful. I tend to do a double application with mascara which is where most products fail. But this one is non clumping and non smudging for a lasting look, whether it be smokey or in the office.

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