Make-Up For Mood With Espoir And Rom&nd

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Who’s as excited as I am to have Espoir and Rom&nd now in store?! 

I honestly couldn’t wait for these to be launched. In particular, Espoir has been on my list of brands to try for a long time. I know it’s been around for a while but I’ve not had the chance to explore as much make up compared to skincare and I follow so many Kbeauty vloggers who rave about Espoir. 

So here we have a brief make up blog for the Espoir Nomudging Brush Liner in Intense Black and the Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Ting in #23 Nucamadia (both of which took ages to select).

I usually use a black eyeliner and go for a wing tip as I have a typical asian monolids and I don’t usually opt for a glossy lip but the nucadamia colour is absolutely my current mood. 

I’ve used a basic cushion to start here, not a big fan of foundation as I feel it’s a bit heavy for my skin. And I’ve applied a light beige coloured eyeshadow as a base. 


There are several ways you can do this but I start at the end where I want my eyeliner to end and swoop it right to the inner corner of my eye. This I find is easiest for me and helps make sure both my eyes are the same. 

Then I connect the outer corner of my eye with the tip and fill it in. 

The brush liner is so fine at the end which is great for actually fixing any mistakes and the tip is closer to the pen than a brush so it’s not flimsy when applying. 


And now the tint!

The first thing I noticed about the juicy tint is the smell, the product has this beautiful fruity scent to it. I applied a couple of coats to really get the colour out but you can see that even with one coat you should get a good sense of the shade. It really depends what your preference is. 

I had the tint on for an hour or so, ate a mandarin, had some water, and the tint was still visible. I love that unlike some other tints that stain in between the cracks of your lips, this tint stays on evenly as it’s more of a gloss type. 


And this is the end look - I’ve used a brown/red eyeshadow on top of the liner, some mascara and a grey/brown eyebrow pencil to complete. 

Honestly haven’t put on make up for a long time due to lockdown, but it was so nice even just to get ready for no reason. 

If you have any make up products you’d like us to try for you first, leave us a comment! 


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  • KT

    How do I like your blogposts?!!

    I’ve always loved the clio eyeliner which is similar to the espoir one – so keen to try this!

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