Father's Day Gift Ideas for 5 Types of Dads

Where has this year gone? Father's Day soon and then it'll be Christmas before we know it! Dad's are often difficult to buy for as they're not really fussed about anything and sometimes just hard to get any sort of answer out of them. 
Whether it's your dad, grandad or any other fatherly figure, I'm sure one of these will apply to them. Find out what the perfect gift might be, to spoil our main men.
  1. The Cheerleader Dad

 From your first steps to passing your driving test, he’s been your number one supporter. Lucky it’s 2022 and mobiles exist, he’s now also able to document everything. He makes time to attend every graduation ceremony and sporting event, just so he can tell people next to him “that’s my kid”. For this dada ,the Innisfree Forest for Men All-in-one Anti-aging Duo Set so he can look and feel young year on year OR the Kérastase Densifique Bain Densité Homme so his hair stays luscious.

  1. The Sentimental Dad

 Gentle in nature and always talking about how crazy it is that you’ve grown up so much – “I just blinked”. He’s always checking if you’ve had all three meals and slept your full 8 hours. Just grateful you’re healthy and happy, and everything else is a bonus – tears are also shed here and there. For this dad, something as gentle as him, like the Etude House Soonjung Centella Skin Care Set.

  1. The I-Can-Fix-Everything Dad

 Whenever something breaks, cracks or leaks, dad is there with his custom toolbox ready to fix it. Gardening, driving, cooking and coaching, there’s nothing he can’t do! But it’s not just loose screws – if you’re running late to something or stuck in the rain, you know he’s just one call away. For this dad, the Laneige Blue Energy Duo Set, so he remembers to also take care of himself.

  1. The Office Dad

 You see him as he goes to work in the morning then he’s home again just in time for dinner every day. So many white shirts in the laundry but you know he loves spending time in trackies when he’s home. But all that time under the office aircon, his skin is taking a bit of a toll. For this dad, something super hydrating like the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Skincare Set.

  1. The Social Dad

 Your house has an open door policy – all friends and family welcome at any time and the pantry is stocked with extra snacks and instant noodles for these sorts of emergency occasions. On weekends he’ll have his own friends over so he can show off his pride and joy – the BBQ. He’s also recently bought a new outdoor furniture set so he can accommodate more people at the table. For this dad, the Mamonde Man Recharging Duo Set – have him fresh for any occasion.

There's much more in-store and online so check out the range and remember skincare can also be unisex! Just depends on everyone's needs. 

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