Game-changing K-Beauty Creams

It’s always the same question right, there’s so many products out there, which one is the best? What do they all actually do, and which one is most suited to me? 

We have a quick look at some of our favourite creams and let you know what exactly they do for you.

COSRX Full Fit Propolis Light Cream

With Propolis, honey and royal jelly extract, this cream is all things nourishing and hydrating. It’s super light weight so the perfect day cream and the gel-like texture helps it absorb really well. 

Targeting dull, dehydrated skin, rough skin texture and fine lines, it’s also hypoallergenic for anyone who is worried about their sensitive skin reacting! 

Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing Cream

Your skin’s pH level indicates the level of acidity in your skin, put simply. The acidity in your skin actually helps fight free radicals and other harmful things that cause ageing. The Innisfree blueberry rebalancing cream uses the antioxidants from blueberries to help rebalance your pH levels. 

It’s another light and refreshing cream that hydrates well without leaving behind any sticky residue!

Guerisson Moisture Balancing Cream

This is a multi-purpose face cream that uses horse oil from Germany and 5 types of ceramides to replenish and retain moisture, improve wrinkles and brighten skin tone. I’ve heard that this product has actually exceeded 30 million sales worldwide and that says it all. 

If you want a cream that can do all the jobs in one for you, this is it. Tone-up, hydrate and plump your skin with the one product - which has also been tested for irritability! 

Dr.Jart V7 Toning Light Cream

Containing a unique combination of 7 vitamins, this cream is also a multi purpose cream that hydrates, nourishes and brightens skin tone. However, the real highlight of this cream is that it contains a special white jade ingredient that visibly brightens and clears the skin.

When applied, the texture is almost like a bb cream but much lighter and in comparison to what it looks like, it evens out quite well. 

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