Hair colours for every mood

Don’t mess with a girl going through their red hair stage.. I had red hair for 10 years, I must have been going through some major things… 

But don’t worry, back to brown now and sure it is the easiest to maintain but it does get a little boring at times. I’ve been playing around with the Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Colouring lately and these are my favourite shades! 

It comes in a range of colours and the foam application is much easier to distribute across the hair than cream. I just sort of, rub it all over. It is a permanent dye though, so it will have the same effect as your regular box dye and lasts around six weeks before your regrowth will start to show.

Cherry Red - Mysterious, romantic, fiery and confident. They say with this hair colour, you’re expressing passion and excitement. Perhaps there is a change in your life and you’re feeling adventurous. Think Ariel, Scarlett Witch or Jessica Rabbit, powerful women on a mission. 

Charcoal grey - traditionally, going grey was a sign of age or stress even but these days, many are opting to go grey! I know someone who at the signs of grey hair, began using grey wax to intentionally look even more grey. It’s a symbol of peace, balance, security and maturity. Something about going grey, has a calm and collected vibe. 

Brick orange - I had bleach accident last year trying to dye my hair pink and later on it just turned out orange. It was definitely an accident, but one I didn’t mind at all. Lately I’ve seen some of my favourite vloggers go orange and it’s a VIBE (check out Dasha Kim and Ashley B Choi). The orange hair reflect energy, desire, warmth and cheerfulness - I’m thinking Kim Possible, Misty and Daphne Blake. 


And just to finish the blog today, while we’re on the topic of hair. I wanted to share the Prorance hair rich cushion powder. We think hair thinning is only an issue for middle-aged men but this is NOT the case. I often struggle with the stress of thinning hair. I’m not sure why it happens but it happens in cycles and it’s been a hell of a journey finding the right vitamins, tonics and shampoos. 

The Prorance hair cushion helps fill in those bare looking patched where there’s not enough hair so you can see your scalp (my worst nightmare). See below, the difference it makes!


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