The long awaited KAHI Multibalm drop

Fun fact about me, I am a K-drama addict. When I say addict, I mean my entire Netflix homepage is just a K-drama gallery, my bedtime routine consists of K-drama and I’m a sucker for all the PPL products on the shows (I own those Swarovski earrings Yoon Seri wore in CLOY). 

So last year, whilst watching The King, I just had to have the KAHI Multibalm advertised on the show but I could not get my hands on it for the life of me. Luckily for me and for everyone else who tried to get one themselves (I know I’m not the only one), Beautyworks has now stocked them!

Super excited to share this product with our readers. I’m all about convenience (some may say lazy) so at first this is why I wanted it - it’s a lip balm, moisturiser and highlighter all in one.   

The Kahi Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm is infused with salmon collagen, salmon PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide that helps to reverse signs of aging and scars through promoting skin repair) and salmon proteoglycan. All three of these put together moisturises, nourishes and promotes skin elasticity. Reducing the visible signs of aging is the main purpose of this product. I find it perfect for applying it to my necklace line.

We know that keeping the skin hydrated is also a top tip for slowing down the signs of aging. With the included mix of fermented oils from Jeju Island, the stick is also super hydrating, creates a moisture barrier and can be applied anytime you need to add a little bounce, or just use it as a lip balm. 

But there’s more, and this is probably my favourite quality of the product - the highlighting effect. Powder highlighters can sometimes be a little too much, with the shimmer and pigments. The multi balm is perfect for a subtle dewy highlight along the cheekbones but I also love to add it to my eye lids. I had a look at the ingredient list and it includes beta-carotene which is a natural substance that’s often included in skincare products for a little colour. This is what’s sometimes used in fake tan to give a natural tint to the colour. 

And who wouldn’t want their skin to look like this. 

Now in stock and very available here!

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