New vegan brand drop: Melixir

Welcome back to the blog! 

I'm particularly excited to be writing this blog as we've just introduced (another) new brand to the store. The Beautyworks team have been listening and on the hunt for more vegan k-beauty brands to add to our list. We searched far and wide and came across this beautifully packaged, fully sustainable and vegan brand Melixir. 

The founder, Hana Lee, launched Melixir in 2018 with a vision to create a fully sustainable skincare brand that doesn't harm the environment - with a 'profound belief that nature is the purest form of beauty'. 

The Melixir products themselves are not only environmentally friendly and don't test on animals but the packaging is also biodegradable, choosing glass and post-consumer products when possible. She's also integrated the 'Made by You' campaign which actively listens to consumers and takes on feedback. 

Ok get excited. First up, two types of cleansers - the Clarifying Foam cleanser and the Herbaceaous Gel cleanser. Both are hydrating cleansers that naturally lift dirt and excess oil from the skin with gently exfoliation. The foam cleanser though, is also calming, for those with troubled or irritated skin. I should mention here that ALL Melixir products are also suitable for sensitive skin. 


One of my biggest skin concerns lately is dark spots. I'm not sure why they are suddenly so stubborn! Melixir's Vitamin c essence drop contains 5% pure vitamin C, 2% vitamin C derivatives, and Melazero v2, a whitening patent raw material. Complete with plant and sugar cane extracts, it's also super hydrating while treating those dark spots and pigmentation. 

Ok let's just take a minute to also appreciate this beautiful, minimal packaging - thank you. Our next new addition is the Balancing Toner - as the name suggests it gently calms and hydrates irritated skin. It also includes antioxidant polyphenols and green tea to revitialise your skin. 

And last but not least, the nourishing hand butter is an essential to the collection. Shea butter for moisturising, then plant-derived ceramide to lock in the moisture and strengthen skin barrier - you know it's reliable. 

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