New Brand Drop: Beauty of Joseon

Happy new year to our lovely readers - wishing everyone all the very best in 2023 and hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new years! 

The Beautyworks team has been relentlessly working throughout the break and we're here again to officially announce our latest new brand drop! If you've been in store lately, you'll already know but we're super excited for this one as this is a brand that was highly sought after by our customers (so we had to get it in). 

Beauty of Joseon is a fairly young brand in Korean skincare but over the last five years, it has had such an impact and continues to be very popular. On our recent trip to Korea, we were also able to see it was one of the most popular brands in the Olive Young stores. 

The brand itself built its philosophy on a historical book that contains advice for women in all aspects of their lives, including skincare. From this, the products use many ingredients that were used in the Joseon Dynasty such as rice and mugwort. 

The products we have available: 

Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum : Green tea + Panthenol

A perfect product for the summer, this serum helps soothe the skin from irritation - e.g. UV rays. The two Joseon ingredients they've used here are green tea and mugwort which hydrate, detox and soothe the skin. These, paired with the modern panthenol helps not only soothe but also protect the skin, locking in moisture.

Beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum Rice+Alpha Arbutin

I was in a makgolli making class in Korea, where I heard that older women who used to make this rice based drink always had such young and soft hands from working with rice. This natural ingredient has such been used as an ingredient in many skincare products and in the Joseon Dynasty. This glow deep serum uses rice bran water and alpha-arbutin to help with pigmentation and uneven skin tones. 

Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream

As the very first Beauty of Joseon product, it has been highly sought after. It uses rice bran water, ginseng root water, squalene and niacinamide - the ultimate combination for hydration and nourishment. It's a great night cream, and even a day cream in the drier seasons. For someone with dry skin like myself, this cream is the dream. I love that it includes ginseng which provides vitality and energises the skin. 

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