New brand drop: LABO-H

So let's talk about hair loss... it might be a sensitive topic for some but we're here to let you know that it happens to a lot of people not just older men. Sure, one of the main causes of hair loss is genetics but there's a range of reasons. Lack of vitamins B12 or D, stress, hormonal changes as well as diet changes. 

Quick confession, there was a good 12 months of my life my hair was thinning. I had no idea why it was happening and I tried everything under the sun. I was taking vitamins targeted to hair loss, spending thousands on different products, regularly got scalp massages and just kept stressing. Then of course the stress would have made it worse. Maybe the dermatitis also played a part in this but I can't be sure. 

I'm sure there are many men and women who experience the same losses.. literally, so I'm excited to share our latest brand drop: LABO-H. 

With the view that scalp is skin too, Amore Pacific has launched a scalp care line that's designed to strengthen the scalp and protect it from all sorts of irritants. 

We have two types of shampoo available, the Scalp Strengthening & Sebum Balance Control and the Scalp Strengthening Shampoo. Both are effective at relieving hair loss symptoms and strengthening the scalp but the first would be more suited for those with oily hair. The strengthening shampoo has also won the Olive Young Clean Beauty awards and VEGAN (see what we're doing here) so it may be a product you've seen before. 

We are also stocking the Scalp Capsule Treatment for Hair Loss Relief which is the perfect partner for the shampoo that also does all of the above but also nourishes both the scalp and hair. 

Rich with probiotics and ceramides, it reminds us that we need to care for our scalps just as much as we care for our skin elsewhere. The feeling we get after getting our hair done at the salon is such an amazing, refreshing feeling right? I feel like a new woman every time I leave the salon. Carry this same energy in your daily lives by nurturing the only head of hair we have! 

If you have any questions, please reach out! We're always here to try help you on your healthy skin journey. x

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