New Brand Drop: Round Lab

You asked, we listened! We've had a number of customers ask us if we stocked Round Lab so we knew it was growing in popularity. 

One of the things I love about K-Beauty is that their brand philosophies are becoming stronger, more competitive and kind - not just to your skin but also to the environment. 

Round Lab's brand philosophy is built on three principles: 

1. Selection of clean, raw materials for products. Their main ingredients are also sourced from a range of locations, the sites that are most natural and untouched. 

2. 'Stresses over your skin' - Round Lab avoids complex concoctions and harsh ingredients so that the natural ingredients of the earth can penetrate your skin gently and deliver results. 

3. Works towards a better world with consumers by selecting recyclable packaging, soy ink and engaging with charities. 

We brought in two of the most popular product lines. Of the basic line, the birch juice products are known for gently healing and hydrating the skin. The purifying properties of birch tree water can be applied to eliminate toxins in the skin. Available in this line, are the moisturising toner and the moisturising cream. This line is more for oily and combination skin.


Then! For those with sensitive skin types we have the Dokdo line. Quick history lesson, Dokdo is an island in Korea which had been claimed by other countries and for years the Korean people have been campaigning and fighting for protection of the island. October 25th has been marked as National Dokdo day and this line has been named in celebration of this day. 

Also for skin that is sensitive and needs protection, the Dokdo line does just this by gently replenishes the minerals in the skin, hydrates and protects. 

We have the award winning Dokdo toner, the 100% pure cotton pads, weak acidic foam cleanser, and triple hyaluronic acid lotion

Multi award winning, everyday toner you can use with confidence. 

For balancing PH levels as well as additional soothing. 

Also multi award winning - the cleanser is gentle and fragrance free but lathers up into a rich foam that removes dirt and makeup residue from the skin. I've personally been using this for a while and what other cleansers couldn't remove, this helps lift the remaining waterproof eye make up post oil cleanse. 

Finally, the dream - lightweight, non-oily and fragrance free so it's completely unassuming but packs a punch with triple hyaluronic acid and minerals from seawater. It also includes soothing ingredients to reset your skin every day and night. 

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