New Brand Spotlight: ABIB

Welcome back to the blog! Here we are again with another exciting brand drop in store *squeal* 

You may have seen the brand ABIB around. Their sheet masks and toner pads have been particularly popular and won several Olive Young awards and actress Jung Yu Mi is the main model for the brand - well known for her role in Train to Busan. 

The term 'Abib' means 'the first month' which reflects their brand philosophy of returning the skin to its purest form. All of their products ultimately aim to strengthen the skin. This means, helping it to regenerate, protect it from harmful toxins, slow the ageing process and remove dead skin cells. 

There is a lot of experimentation and development that goes into producing their products that they are also very particular about the packaging. They experiment and test a range of packaging to make sure the product isn't affected by the material in any way. Which makes so much sense because there's basically a whole bottle of serum in each pack! (30ml)

We've brought in two different types of mask sheets in store! The Mild Acidic PH series and the Gummy sheet mask series. Let me break them down according to each of their benefits. 

The Mild Acidic PH series is well known for gently strengthening the immunity of the skin and adjusting the PH balance. This particular series has gone through hypoallergenic and skin irritation testing. 

Brighten and detox: Mild Acidic PH Yuja Fit 

Nourish and firm: Mild Acidic PH Honey Fit 

Hydrate: Mild Acidic PH Jericho Rose Fit 


The Gummy sheet mask series are made from microfiber that sticks to the skin's surface without any air in between, and the material allows the sheet to stretch to fit your face size and shape.

Deep hydration and strengthen skin barrier: Gummy Hyaluron Sticker

Smooth and improve radiance: Gummy Milk Sticker 

Calm and cool: Gummy Madecassoside Sticker

Cool and prevent excessive sebum and inflammation: Gummy Heartleaf Sticker

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