New VEGAN brand drop: Amuse

We know everyone loves a good vegan brand and not just any vegan, they have to be of good quality and aligned with Beautyworks for us to stock. 

We were drawn to the Amuse brand as they live by joy and good vibes. They believe products made with happiness will bring other people happiness, and isn't that what we're all on this earth for? It's the simple things in life, and if my cushion is going to bring me daily happiness, then I'm all for it. They want you to be 'amused'. 

Totally vegan, the Amuse brand has been certified by France's EVE VEGAN which is apparently known for its high standards of certification. And Amuse is even Reef Friendly, which is particularly nice for our customers down under. 

We've brought in a few dewy products that have certainly been bringing me joy. 

the Dew Jelly Cushion is made for this season. The light and bouncy texture helps adhere nicely and not lift off, whilst the hyaluronic acid and panthenol components hydrate.

When applied, it gives you sufficient natural-looking coverage so you can even out your skin tone without looking like you've layered on thick foundation. It also helps that it stays on for ages! 

It's all in the detail - this is one of the highlights we thought were interesting. The actual puff is also sustainably designed, made from fermented corn. It's also 99.9% anti-bacterial and water repellent - excellent for the warmer months and those with sensitive/acne prone skin. 

It comes in three colours, Soonsoo (fair skin with pink undertone), Clear (fair skin with yellow undertone) and Nude (natural peachy shade, slightly darker than the other two). And I love this case!

The Dew Velvet Tint!! So I've loved using this fresh lippy and is now my daily go-to as I'm rushing around in the office. I'm no scientist but the high water content mixed with oil, glides on nicely and adds colour without feeling thick. The density is sort of like watercolour paint when you apply it, so the more layers you apply, the more solid it becomes. 

It's long lasting and to be honest, I also sometimes use it on my cheeks and nose if I feel like I just need some extra colour for those zoom meetings. It's great for hydrating my lips and contains apple extract that you can smell! The scent is so fresh and juicy, I love twisting open the cap.

If you need a bit more colour, the Chou Velvet lippy provides just this. The texture is that of a fluffy cream but glides on nicely and it thin enough to reach inside the crevices of your lips. Me? I'm personally not a fan or defined lip lines so this one is great to rub around the edges giving it an effortless look. 

Check out all the colour variations here!

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