New (Vegan) Brand Drop: AXIS-Y

Another gloomy day here in Melbourne as I write this, with scorchers on either end. It's nothing to be surprised about especially in Melbourne but the weather really has been crazy everywhere around the world. The never-ending storms in Sydney is a perfect example of this - climate change is real. 

The climate and external influencers really affect your skin in many ways. Traveling from Melbourne summer to Korean winter was a shock to my skin as well. AXIS-Y is a brand we discovered that is committed to its community and focuses on the climate. 

Further, they are vegan, do not test on animals, halal and explicitly share a list of harsh ingredients that they do not use so that their products are natural and gentle on the skin. 

The line we've brought in is the 6+1+1 line that includes 6 natural ingredients derived from plants, 1 functional ingredient and 1 form of quality-producing skincare technology. 

AXIS-Y New Skin Resolution Gel Mask

Brighten and soothe your skin with this wash off gel mask that includes ingredients such as heartleaf and niacinamide. It noticeably brightens and evens skin tone whilst strengthening the skin barrier, detoxes and regulates sebum. 

AXIS-Y Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack

Packed with 61% mugwort extract, this wash off pack really works to deeply clean your skin and exfoliate. By clearing out your pores and soothing the skin at the same time, it'll work to calm inflammation as well. 

AXIS-Y Quinoa One-Step balanced Gel Cleanser

I've not seen quinoa used as a main skincare ingredient but it is known to be help brighten skin and enhance elasticity. This gel cleanser is hydrating and gentle but also helps balance your pH levels and smooth the skin surface. 

AXIS-Y Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule

Again artichoke is not that widely used but I've seen it in some products recently. It is known to have a lot of antioxidants and slow down the signs of ageing. So what we're trying to do here is detox the skin, calm it down then strengthen the skin barrier for long-term benefit. 

AXIS-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner

The highlight of this toner is the higher levels of AHA, PHA and centella asiatica for added exfoliation after cleansing and a great soothing effect. All products by AXIS-Y are gentle and suitable for all skin types. 

The products are designed to really deeply cleanse the skin from any external damage and strengthen it naturally and gently. 


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