Rom&nd, The Hottest K-Beauty Brand Is Taking Over The World

If you love K-beauty, then you’ve definitely heard of Rom&nd, the K-beauty phenomenon sweeping the world, has been gaining a massive following. As we wondered what all the hype was about, we partnered with 40 beauty influencers to see what they thought of the products. They gave us their honest feedback and showed us how to use each product to create gorgeous looks. From reviews to beauty tutorials, the consensus is pretty clear.

Check out what our favourite influencers had to say about these 4 Rom&nd products :


1) Zero Velvet Tint 25 Nerd Pink

First up is the Zero Velvet Tint 25 Nerd Pink. This sleek and lush tint will give your lips the life it deserves with a lustrous colour.

Devanna Christin (@devanna.volition

“I only accept collaborations from brands/products I believe in & would use myself. So, I was thrilled that @beautyworks_cosmetica reached out to me with their new collection.” 

We couldn’t be more thrilled you got to use our products, and we have to say, what a stunning look.

And finally, Charmaine Liu (@bxbychar), has really emphasized her lips with the velvety pink tone.


2) Better Than Shape 02 Walnut Grain

Joanne Phua

“...Omg look at that blush. Look. At. That. Blush.” Joanne gave us a good glimpse of the type of contouring you can do on your nose because “it’s very subtle” and because it has a “cool toned bronzer without a red tinge!!”

Stella Thai 

“I can’t do my makeup without contouring and these multi-toned contour pacts are my go-to! The Better Than Shape contour powder comes in two shades (Oat Grain for cool toned skin, and Walnut Grain for warm tones). Both compacts feature two different colours for a more natural look – this is especially important for nose contouring.”

Walnut Grain is a little too warm for me, but the powder is so smooth and buildable! I’ll definitely be looking to pick up Oat Grain in the future and will continue to use this one as a bronzer.” 

3) Better than Palette 05 Shade and Shadow Garden 

Better than Palette 05 Shade and Shadow Garden is a unique and diverse combination of 10 shades and glitters. With ultra-fine particles, it’s matted formula provides you with an eye shadow that not just blends seamlessly with your eyes but also gives you an amazing look.

Mix and match the shades to create your own custom look. We were surprised by how much our babes could do with just a few key shadows.

Agnes Choi (@aggie.choi) went for a nice minimal look, with a touch of colour on the eyes.

4) Better Than Cheek 07 Pear Chip

The final item on our list: Better Than Cheek 07 Pear Chip! This little thing right here does wonders for your cheeks. It was formulated with sweat and sebum-absorbing powders to give you a long-lasting, refreshing finish. The muted pastel hues were inspired by dried fruits so they create a “my cheeks but better” look. 

Check out Phoebe Chen (@phoebob) flawless application

Editor’s Thought : Nothing Like Rom&nd, Essentials That Do It All

When it comes to good quality, affordable beauty products, Rom&nd is definitely at the top of our list. The packaging is beautiful, the shades are elegant and the application is simple. The brand offers the most essential shades and palettes for every need, whether you want to contour your nose, create a natural matte look or enhance your cheeks, each product was made to bring out your best features. All in all, Rom&nd offers a quality collection that does it all, a must-have for all K-beauty lovers.


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