Our Top 6 Accounts to Follow for K-Beauty Influencers to follow in 2022

Wishing you a happy, healthy and k-beauty filled 2022!

Ok WHO is watching Singles Inferno on Netflix? It’s been a big topic of discussion among my friends and the internet has blown up with this doll, Song Jia. I’ve since been watching her vlogs and following her on instagram which has 1.7million followers. 



Her content is all things fashion and beauty in the most glam settings. If you’re looking for makeup, nail art or lipstick inspo she’s your girl. She also has the most versatile wardrobe so definitely fun to look at different colour/style combinations. 
We love her confidence and versatility. And she actually has more of a down to earth personality past all the glam and fluffy hot pink Prada bags. 

@Liah Yoo 

If there’s one person who is passionate about skincare, it’s Liah. Previously, she worked at AmorePacific and has since made her mark in the beauty industry as an entrepreneur, content creator (over 1mil subscribers on YouTube) and founder of Krave Beauty. 
She’s all about naturally, and gently caring for your skin, sharing information on products, routines and lifestyle tips. 
Her videos are super easy to watch and there is a clear genuinity that can be felt through her content - she’s really out there to help. One thing she continues to reiterate through her content and Krave Beauty, is that we’re flooded with information and products out there and her aim is to make skincare much more simple and understandable. 
Another thing we love about her is that she’s super sustainable. Her skincare line is vegan, cruelty free and even includes instructions on how to recycle her products.


Korean-Australian beauty blogger, Jeniffer Harn, is the place to go to stay on trend and get exposure to a wide range of kbeauty products. She is always trying the latest products and reviewing them so we don’t have to do all the filtering work! 
A lot of her videos are ‘the best of’ or ‘top picks’ sharing her favourite products regularly. Sometimes, we find beauty influencers or bloggers get sidetracked with life or other types of lifestyle content but Jeniffer has been consistent throughout the years, even after becoming a mum! On a side note, she also does not age. 
Another good thing about Jeniffer, is that she’s great at engaging with her audience. She will often ask her followers what kind of content or products they’re on the hunt for so she can help with selection. 


Dasha Kim is an all-rounded content creator with 286K subscribers on YouTube. She showcases a range of kbeauty, fashion, make-up and lifestyle trends. We love her because she’s all things casual, chic, sexy and glamourous all at once and her video editing is just as stylish. She’s done a lot of fun brand collaborations and also launched her own jewelry line Kira and Misha. 
Thanks to her international experience and marriage to an Aussie husband, a lot of her videos are in English but for those in Korean, they all have subtitles! 


Another well-rounded kbeauty influencer we love is Joan Kim. Originally from the States and now based in Korea, Joan started vlogs on skincare and make up and now is known as an expert in the industry. She even hosts her own beauty podcast on Dive Studios called Beauty Bar. 
There is a definite American influence to her content but is consistently committed to reviewing kbeauty products for us. Her skincare routines are focused on gentle and balancing products mainly because she has sensitive, acne-prone skin. 
I particularly love her videos on ‘empties’ the handpicked list of products she has tried to the end and believe in. Ah! Her passion for skincare has also led to a collaboration with Neogen, where she was involved in the creation of the Joan Day and Night cream. 

@Erna Limdaugh

I find a lot of kbeauty influencers start their skincare journey because of skin conditions or troubles they’ve had and now they’re sharing their knowledge and beauty wisdom with the world. Erna is an Indonesian born influencer who is now based in korea and a big advocate for korean skincare. 
Consistent skincare routines are important to her and she often shares tips and products for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Her content also covers make up tutorials, hauls, facial treatments and hair styling. 
The best thing about her content is that she provides honest opinions and reviews, aligned with seasonal changes and acknowledging personal preferences.

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