Some By Mi Miracle Cream for your acne-prone skincare routine

With working from home and having been in lockdown for a while (yay for new found freedom), I’m consciously trying to get creative with my walks and getting out as much as I can. If you live in Melbourne (hello neighbour!), you know that good weather days are like winning the lottery without buying a ticket, getting a birthday gift when it’s not your birthday and an absolutely valid excuse to get out and treat yourself. 

A few weeks ago, I met a friend to walk to the markets and around the botanical gardens with our nicely gifted, sunny 17 degree day. We walked quite a bit (sweating) and he was telling me about some of his skin concerns, especially with wearing the masks and how it’s been affecting his acne prone skin. 

So I started to do some research to see what products are out there to help him and thought I’d study this Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 day miracle cream. 

There is an entire Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA line which is PACKED with soothing and strengthening ingredients designed for acne-prone skin.

I was drawn to this particular product because the label highlights 70% centella asiatica extract. We know that centella asiatica is beneficial for calming irritated skin and aids skin recovery - also great for those worried about acne scarring. This is boosted by an added cica care complex. 

With his acne-prone skin, I did recommend tea tree oil as spot treatment but this cream also includes tea tree to control sebum and soothe the skin.

Although it has a gel-like consistency, it glides on the skin and leaves a slightly oily feeling on your hands after application. But it’s like a matte oily feeling, not something that sits on top of your skin.

It’s suitable for all skin types and also tested by dermatologists. I think for the best results you should also be cleansing properly and using a gentle exfoliating cleanser, but you could try this cream first and test your results.

Hoping this helps all our troubled, acne-prone skin members. If you’d like more product recommendations for your skin type, leave us a comment below, we want to write about what you want to hear. 

With love,


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