The Sulwhasoo Experience

With borders reopening and travel somewhat back to normal, we’ve seen more people traveling to Korea and our readers will also know we recently returned from a holiday in Seoul! It was great to travel to the motherland after three years and although Korea has been through a lot during that time, we were still able to enjoy great food, trendy bars and unavoidable holes in our wallets from shopping. 

One of the unique experiences we enjoyed on this trip was the Sulwhasoo Balance Spa located in Gangnam. Even before you enter, you approach this beautiful gold framed building with subtle scents of ginseng flowing from the ground floor boutique. 

The boutique assistant helped us get to the spa level with a special elevator code making it feel more exclusive. As you enter the spa, you see the warm wooden interior laced with gold and modern finishings - very much on brand. 

We were welcomed with herbal tea to enjoy whilst filling out the form which asked about skin type, troubles, routine and general health. We were all booked in for the ‘Calming’ treatment but upon reviewing my form, the therapist recommended the ‘Vitality’ treatment for me which was the same price (130,000 Krw, 60 mins). For reference, my main skin concerns were dryness and dullness. 

The treatment rooms have an amazing view of the park in front but I had the blinds closed so I could really relax. The soft calming music, the heated bed and warm lighting all helped me get loose and sink into the treatment. 

Using only the Sulwhasoo products, I started with a cleansing and exfoliation step, followed by toner and a 4-layer rich facial mask. Whilst the mask is on, there is a shoulder, decolletage and neck massage which was great. The therapist also massaged my sternum - I’ve never had that area massaged before but it was probably my favourite part. The room is made for you to fall asleep honestly, all four of us fell asleep during the treatment and woke up feeling very fresh. 

The results of the facial were good, I wouldn’t say it was the best in terms of results but I was definitely more hydrated and brighter afterwards. You would really have to do the treatment more regularly to maintain the benefits but I guess that’s why the boutique is downstairs so you can purchase the products you enjoyed most. There is also a section with the Sulwhasoo make up you can use before leaving the spa. 

Overall, I thought the experience was really more of a self-care treat and wouldn’t expect transformative results from the actual facial. For the price point, you’re really paying for the full service including the tea, the massage, the space to nap and the opportunity to try the products. Not something you could do all the time but worth a visit! 

Check out their programs here.

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