IOPE Dual Lip Blender


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Dual Lip Blender 1 Red Blending
Dual Lip Blender 2 Burgundy Blending
Dual Lip Blender 5 Rose Gold Blending
Dual Lip Blender 4 Orange Blending
Dual Lip Blender 3 Pink Blending

IOPE Dual Lip Blender is a Combination of water fit lip stick& water fit tint lip balm that provides all day moisture to prevent, dry, chapped and cracked lips. This lipstick which comes in different colours creates bright and natural gradation looking lips while keeping your lip moisturised. With its glossy nature, it adds volume making your lip well-padded and elastic. The tint lip balm helps to keep your lips moisturised depending on the pH level of lips creating vibrant lip colour due to its “smart tinting” properties.

BW Application Tips: Apply a moderate amount of IOPE Dual Lip Blender from inside to outside lips gently then open and close lips softly twice or three times. To create a more dramatic effect, apply lipstick on the inside of lip once more with the edge of lipstick upward. Keep lip blender after use by cleaning it from the top to the bottom so that it can be used clean for next application.

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