AMOS 01 Scalp Purifying Pure Smart Shampoo - MOIST 500g


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For oily scalp and dandruff
- It is suitable for those who suffer from scalp fine keratin and dandruff.
- It removes harmful substances of the scalp, yellow dust, fine dust, scalp keratin and fine dandruff cleanly, and maintains a clean scalp.

Moisturizing  effect
- After shampooing, it creates a moist condition
- Reduces the scalp itching caused by drying after shampooing
- It helps remove the scalp bad smell

Scalpure Complex™
- Relieves dandruff from scalp cleanly
- Purifies scalp from dirt and odor

Key Ingredients
- Pinus sylvestris, orange peel, green plum, xylitol, watercress, chestnut shell, cactus fruit, malunggay seed, duckweed, ginger, lotus flower, agar-agar and coix extracts.

How to use

- Wet the hair with water, apply appropriate amount over hair and scalp.
- Gently massage hair and scalp, make bubbles, and rinse off thoroughly.

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