AMOS 05 Repair Damage Repair Force™ Renew Mask CMC 200ml


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AMOS 05 Repair Damage Repair Force™ Renew Mask CMC is a hair repairing mask which made with honey extract, vegetable oil, 17 kinds of amino acids, containing ceramide. This product is designed for all hair type and it is suitable for highly damaged hair.

Product Features

1. Smooth hair after cleansing - Silky texture that absorbs quickly and has a smooth texture
2. Three-dimensional elasticity resurrected like a clinic - Amino acid applied at a similar rate to hair CMC, producing elastic hair
3. The hair coloring that is finished with the brilliant cotton - The brilliant coating of the honey extract and the vegetable oil prevents the loss of nutrients and provides a light finish

* How to use

After shampooing, towel dry, remove the water, then apply the same amount of damaged hair around the size of the coin (based on medium single foot), 2 ~ 3 minutes After leaving the natural, slightly rinse with warm water finish * The longer the time left to leave, the longer the softness lasts.

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