AMOS Professional Deep Clean Shampoo 1000ml


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AMOS Professional Deep Clean Shampoo cleanses hair and scalp deeply and makes them moist by supplying moisture.

1. Deeply cleanses hair and scalp

- Perfectly cleanses residues in scalp hair after using hair-styling products

- Enables perfectly clean hair

2. Moisturising effect for scalp

- Wheat protein forms moisturising layer on scalp and prevents scalp scalp from beting dried after shampooing.

3. Triple Lipid Complex

- Phytosqualane balances moisture and sebum

- Ceramide affects its natural suppleness, softness and shine

Key ingredients : Wheat protein 

Target hair : Healthy hair, Curly hair, Dyed hair, Thin hair, Dry scalp, Oily scalp

BW Tip : Wet the hair with enough water, put on appropriate amount of this products, scrub hair and scalp as if massaging, make bubble and perfectly rinse off.

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