COSRX Low pH BHA Overnight Mask(50ml)


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COSRX Low pH BHA Overnight Mask(50ml) helps soften rough skin and clears complexion overnight. Let polishes away dullness and reveals your soft skin!

Time to have Glowing and refines the look of skin! This product can improve your skin texture softer, help reducing skin congestion and brighten dark spots while it's exfoliating your skin overnight.

Low pH BHA Overnight mask also formulated with over 50% Centella Asiatica Leaf Water, this helps to de-stress the skin for a sensation of calm and comfort. Skin feels velvety soft and smooth with healthy complexion.


What Low pH (4.0 ± 1) does?

Slightly acidic pH level helps maintian healthy skin by restoring the skin's optimal pH level and protecting the skin from outer irritants.

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