COSRX Low pH PHA Barrier Mist(75ml)


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COSRX Low pH PHA Barrier Mist is gentle fine mist which creates a mattified, silky barrier! This Low pH PHA Mist works as a 'shield' keeping prior skincare steps from evaporating and make your face moisturised.

Gluconolatone (PHA) is an excellent humectant and it attracts moisture and its larger molecular structures create the perfect water shield, Keeping your skin at optimal moisture level throughout the day. It leaves your skin looking healthy, smooth and perfectly supple plus the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Instead of pure water, this mist is full of coconut extract water to provide moisture to the skin without grease and to maintain the skin fresh and moisturised all day long. Slightly acidic pH level also helps maintain healthy skin by restoring the skin's optimal pH level and protecting the skin from outer irritants.

EXP : 18/11/2021

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