Etude House Glass Rouge Tint (4 Colours)

Etude House

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Etude House

BE101 Spring Glass
PK001 Hazy Rose
RD301 Sunset Glow
RD302 Rose Infusion

Etude House Glass Rouge Tint is a glossy and shine tint that fills transparently and smoothly as if covered with a thin glass film. This contains a glistening glass glow from all angles, as if coated on the surface of the lips with a shaded glass film.

This tint is a glass lip that is as light as water and as smooth as glass with a 25% moisture balance. It is a long lasting and vivid glass tinting color with a shine essence oil complex covering the colouring color.


* How to use

At the entrance of the container, adjust the amount of content on the tip and apply it naturally from the inside of the lips to the outside.

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