Goodal Green Tangerine vita C Serum mask (5 sheets)


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Goodal Green Tangerine vita C Serum mask (5 sheets) is a facial mask to get rid of dark spots while maintaining skin's moisture. This product contains Jeju Green Tangerine Extract to add energy and vitality on your skin. The transparent mask sheet fits well on the skin with a soft feeling, in addition this delivers deep hydration into the skin and making the dark spots clear and clean. The sheet has low irritation thus when you wish to have a flawless skin, Beautyworks highly recommends this mask for your skin so that your skin deserve a mild but intensive brightening effect. 

The fresh green tangerine grown in Jeju island known for blue sky and the clean environment. We carefully select the green, young tangerines that can be harvested only for 4 weeks from August to early September during a year. Their extract is obtained after 120 hours of infusing process with cold water at low temperature.

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