Etude House Play Color Eyes Shadow Palette (#Leather Shop)

Etude House

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Etude House


Etude House Play Color Eyes Shadow Palette is a 10 layers eye shadow palette that comes in various textures for different expression of the eyes for different occasions.

* How to use 

With enclosed tip's wider surface basecolor onto eyelid and with tip's narrow surface, apply shadow for gradation, eye edges, or delicate application to lash line.

01 Matte Initial Ring
02 Matte Leather Tassel
03 Glitter Bead Boz
04 Shimmer Vintage Strap
05 Matte Camel Brown
06 Matte Italian Leather
07 Matte Vegan Leather
08 Matte Classic Brown
09 Glitter Gold Buckle
10 Matte + Pearl Hand Stitch

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