Innisfree Two-Tone Eyebrow Kit (3.5g / 2 colours)


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Two-tone Eyebrow kit 01 Brown
Two-tone Eyebrow kit 02 Gray

Innisfree Two-Tone Eyebrow Kit is Brow kit with two-tone colours for natural looking brows.

1. A natural look with two-toned makeup
Use the softer shade on the head and deeper shade on the tail to create a natural look for the eyebrows.

2. Long-lasting formula
The powder formula completes an even and clean look with its excellent adhesion and lasts for a long time.

3. Pair it with Easy Stamping Brow
Press the Easy Stamping Brow on the powder 4-5 times then stamp on the eyebrow to complete the makeup with a single touch or use the enclosed Mini Dual Brush to freely create your desired design.

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