IOPE Air Cushion® Cover


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#21 Vanila
#23 Beige


  1. Strengthened moisture and shine ingredients

    Air Prism Water™, born through a combination of Bio Water™, which is a hydration magnet, trehalose, which is a hydration protection component, and 3D prism pearls, creates the looks of glowing skin that is moisturized from deep within.

  2. Creates vivid color coverage through Coloring Technology™.

    Uses a technique that evenly blends color particles by repeatedly pushing them against each other, helping you see more vivid colors and meticulous coverage.

  3. The surface has an embossed 3D sponge for even application to the last drop.

    A 3D air sponge that effectively delivers moisture to create the look of moist, glowingskin.

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