IOPE Air Cushion® Intense Cover


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#21 Vanilla
#23 Beige


4th generation AIR CUSHION® with strengthened hydrating abilities through Bio Water™ to create smooth, moist skin.


  1. Achieves clean, flawless skin

    Contains hydration magnet Bio Water™ and coverage powder in various shapes and sizes that provide meticulous coverage over blemishes and redness to perfect the look of smooth, clear skin.

  2. Creates vivid color coverage through Coloring Technology™.

    Uses a technique that evenly blends color particles by repeatedly pushing them against each other, helping you see more vivid colors and meticulous coverage.

  3. The surface has an embossed 3D sponge for even application to the last drop.

    A 3D air sponge that effectively delivers moisture to create the look of moist, glowingskin.



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