Mamonde Rose Water Toner (250ml)


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The Mamonde Rose Water Toner contains 90.89% Damask Rose Water. With ultra-high rose water content, it works to soothe and moisturise skin that is sensitive to stress and the surroundings. This toner has a soothing effect and offers deep hydration keeping your skin pH levels balanced to maintain supple skin. Mamonde Rose Water is gentle and refreshing on the skin while hydrating with a nice natural rose fragrance. Extracted at low temperature, high pressure, the Mamonde Rose Water toner is without animal ingredients, free of mineral oil, artificial colour, or dioxin.

BW Application Tips: Use Rose Water Toner in different ways:
Post-cleansing: Use a cotton pad with Rose Water Toner after cleansing to remove remaining makeup residue on your face, neck and even behind your ears. Use light sweeping motions.
Toner: Clean and clear the skin as the first step of basic skin care after cleansing
Mist: Put toner into a mist container and Spray as a mist when you are on the go
Sheet Pack: Soak a sheet mask with this toner and use it as a soothing pack
Body: Use Mamonde Rose Water Toner as a moisturising and aromatic effect.

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