Prorance Hair Dye(3N/5N/6N)


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3N Black Brown
5N Dark Brown
6N Natural brown


3N Dark brown / 5N, Dark brown / 6N Natural brown 


Product Characteristics  

1. Excellent coverage of prematurely grey hair and smooth hair presentation
 - This product covers prematurely grey that does not have pungent smell and scalp irritation because it does not use ammonia ingredient.
 - This product maintains soft hair for a long time as it contains squid ink and black bean ingredient that is effective to hair moisturise.

2. Hair protection that makes the hair resilient and healthy

 - This product minimises scalp irritation caused by dyeing as it contains licorice extract. Keratin ingredient and silk extract form thin protective barrier to hair.

 - Thus it minimises hair damage and it makes the hair healthy and resilient.

3. Convenient cream type for use

 - This product is convenient to use due to cream type. It is smoothly applied without running down and it helps easy and quick dyeing.


Dyeing time  

 - Leave approximately 25 minutes after application.
1) The more you have white hair, the lighter colour becomes.
2) Dyeing colour differs from dyeing time, hair condition, and temperature.
3) The longer you leave after dyeing, the darker colour becomes.



5N Expire date: 11/2021

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